Kucoin Clone Software


What is Kucoin Clone Script?

Kucoin Clone Script is an extended software of Kucoin Exchange and has been simulated by designers of various companies to offer all the features of Kucoin as well as additional features.

This script software encrypted by Kucoin developers is sold to other companies and related businesses.

This is a ready-made script that supports advanced features and options so that you traders can meet all the trading needs of users and be the best in the digital world.

By purchasing an encrypted Kucoin clone script, you can set up a secure platform and earn high profits.

Using Kucoin Clone Software is recommended for those who are interested in this exchange and its features and want to have a platform like it.

You can develop and use it yourself, but we have to tell you that you do not need to do this with a lot of time and money because many designers and developers have done it for you, just stick to version Buy and start your own business at a relatively low cost.

After receiving your platform, you can customize it and run your favorite features on it.

This script can meet all your expectations for building a website or simulated software from the main exchange.


Kucoin Clone app

You can trade at any time and place using the simulated version of Kucoin offered by many companies. In general, using applications is much easier than working with websites and software.

These clone scripts are offered as applications that can be installed on any system and any operating system that you can purchase and change and use the desired features on it.

If you are satisfied with your customers and your profits and expenses, it is important for you to be able to purchase one of these apps that has a white label.

The convenience of your users is definitely important. So help your traders to trade more easily by designing and launching a clone app from your exchange.


Features of Kucoin clone software

Equipped with a blockchain and in addition, there are several other layers of security

Support for multiple cryptocurrencies and lots of tokens

Multilingual support

Types of trades including futures trades, margin trades, otc trades, spot trades

Order types include limited order, market order, and stop order

Safe and user-friendly admin panel

Developed on Android / iOS

Wallet integration

Management dashboard and user dashboard

Payment gateway integration

Automated trading engine

Fast response and fast transaction 24 hour instant live chat system

Liquidity API

IEO module

OTC brokerage

DDOS protection method

KYC / AML process

Possibility to pay by credit card

Secure storage facilities


How do Kucoin works?

You must first enter your information to register step by step. First, enter the phone number and email to send you the link or verification code. Then click on the link to log in to your account.

After registration, you need full approval from the admin. To do this, you need to enter some detailed information to secure your account. This confirmation will take you a short time and increase security.

Then it’s time to deposit some money, which you do use your credit card or bank account. These two methods are slightly different but you can pay with whichever you want.

Now is the time to buy digital currency and save it in your wallet. Buy your favorite currency and get help from the automated trading engine.

Do not forget that choosing a safe wallet is very important because all your assets are inside your wallet. Be careful not to put all your assets in one wallet and divide it into different wallets. This provides you with some security.





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