How To Multiply Your Crypto Investment

double you investment

We usually discuss many different ideas and projects to earn passive income. We all also agree on the fact that knowing when a project is about to start is important to start early and get the most out of it. In some cases, a project can be as low as $0.0001 per token or even less in the early stages but later it could be the next big thing in the market.

We are not just putting our thoughts but it is a proven way to earn huge money with Cryptocurrency, you can check the example of Dogecoin, Shiba INU, and even Bitcoin. All of them were initially valued around zero but now we all know where they have reached.

Before I reveal the process to multiply your crypto-investment I would like to clarify that I am not a crypto-expert and it is not a sponsored or affiliate article.

So let’s take an example of having just $20 for the investment, so what we can do to multiply it?

Monitor Social Media

As we said above that the most important thing here is information about a project which is about to start. We need accurate details of the project, its launching dates, and dates of token sales. 

And to gather all this information we should follow the relevant hashtags, pages, and groups on social media platforms like Twitter, Medium, Telegram, and Discord. It is the only way to find out about new and upcoming projects and to stay up to date. Look for new projects and make a spreadsheet with all important dates and details.

Check network

It is important to check the project’s network due to gas charges in order to claim the rewards. In the case of Xcavator – a robust crypto mining solution, it runs on the Binance smart chain. If the same project had been on the Ethereum network, I would not have invested because of gas charges.

Go Though their Documents

For making any crypto investment decision, read their GitBook, whitepaper, pitch deck, and FAQ. Immerse yourself in knowledge as much as possible. These documents are the first thing investors check before investing and companies starting a project are well aware of this fact so it is their responsibility to make it true to the fact, well detailed, and reliable as well.

Buy tokens as early as possible

Once I evaluated all the risks of the project, I invested in tokens as quickly as possible and quickly sold most of my investments at the pump or decided to hold them. I will sell or hold a token it depends on the project they are backing. And the interesting fact is that It all happened within minutes. Additionally, I also try to buy as much as I can so the profit becomes bigger.

Hold them or Use them

Either hold those tokens and wait for a good time when you can easily multiply the profits or use them in the ecosystem. If you have purchased the tokens just after the launch, then there are chances that there will  be various rounds of token sales and even if token sales ends you will have the opportunity afterward as the token start to be circulated in the ecosystem.

This is the basic process that make sure that you remain in profit while making an investment in cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, it is also a fact that not all cryptocurrency investment makes profit, and in some cases we have to be ready to take risk.

Why i choosed XCA, and you should too

Projects like Xcavator are gems that are different and backed by real-world assets i.e. mining farms which will be generating real-world revenue through mining the most profitable cryptocurrencies. 

Xcavator (XCA) is a unique token which has an in-built price appreciation mechanism and they also represent mining power which can be sold later at much higher prices thus giving more income than a normal mining income. So people looking for opportunities to multiply their investment should either invest in XCA or you should find a project similar to it.


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