How to launch a cryptocurrency exchange platform?


Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that are gaining popularity in today’s crypto world. These currencies can be traded easily on the cryptocurrency exchange platform in a hassle-free manner. Hence establishing a cryptocurrency exchange platform is regarded as the best revenue-generating business model. It makes more people into millionaires in the crypto sphere. People can earn more revenue through multiple revenue streams. So more people are inclined to start a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

What is the cryptocurrency exchange platform? Why create it?

A cryptocurrency exchange platform is an online trading platform where people can trade(buy/sell) or store cryptocurrencies. Here people can trade one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency or fiat currencies anywhere at any time, while still guaranteeing safe transactions. It acts as a bridge between crypto trade makers and takers. Due to the evolution of more crypto in the crypto-space, more people are interested in crypto investment. Right now, launching a crypto exchange platform will be the best revenue-generating business. It gives more profit to both buyers and platform holders. Appticz is an industry-leading software development company that offers bug-free, fully functional cryptocurrency exchange software solutions with security protocols.

Steps involved in creating a cryptocurrency exchange platform

Step 1: Do rigorous market research about the industry and analyze competitors.

Step 2: Understand the laws and regulations of the country in which you intend to launch your cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Step 3: Select a blockchain network such as bitcoin, ethereum, BSC, Solana, TRON to build your cryptocurrency exchange platform. 

Step 4: Elect the type of cryptocurrency exchange that you’re going to launch such as centralized, decentralized & hybrid.

Step 5: Do Handshake with the most suitable industry-leading software development company with extensive knowledge in the field.

Step 6: Choose a reputable payment processor and form a partnership with it to ensure secure monetary transactions.

Step 7: Integrating core functionalities and uploading for testing.

Step 8: Deploy the fully functional platform in the client’s server after uploading to the Testnet to test real-time functionality.

Step 9: Employ various marketing strategies to attract a specific audience to your cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Step 10: Provide technical assistance to resolve platform issues and facilitate feature upgrades.

Creating a cryptocurrency exchange platform can be categorized into two types.

1. Opting white label cryptocurrency exchange platform

  1. Cryptocurrency exchange platform development from scratch
  1. Opting white label cryptocurrency exchange platform

Launching a cryptocurrency exchange platform using white label solutions is instant action which means the development time and cost are minimal. Hence, budding crypto entrepreneurs who want to launch their platform with minimum investment can start their business by opting for a cryptocurrency exchange script to elevate their business. 

  1. Cryptocurrency exchange platform development from scratch

Here, an end-to-end cryptocurrency exchange platform can be developed from the ground level based on the client’s needs. It is equipped with all the features and functionalities and it is much more customizable. However, when compared to white label crypto exchange, the development time and cost are significantly higher.

Features of cryptocurrency exchange platform

  1. Signup/sign in along with KYC & AML
  2. Robust trading engine
  3. Distinct types of trading options like limit, market & stop-limit
  4. Payment gateway 
  5. Multi-signature wallet 
  6. Multi-crypto support
  7. Crypto Liquidity
  8. Token launchpad
  9. Advanced admin dashboard
  10. Content Management System(CMS) 

Why choose Appticz?

Appticz is the best software development company that offers technology-agnostic solutions with cutting-edge features and functionalities. A pool of blockchain professionals who have in-depth knowledge in the field will assist you from the development phase to the platform’s successful deployment.

On the whole

The demand for cryptocurrencies continues to rise and is a hot topic among cryptocurrency traders. As a result, launching a cryptocurrency exchange platform is the most profitable business model in the future, and people will benefit more. If you are a new crypto enthusiast looking to invest in the crypto market, begin your business career with a bitcoin exchange script obtained from a top-tier software development company.



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