How To Increase Your Crypto Company’s Ranking


If you own your own cryptocurrency business, you undoubtedly already know how valuable it is to appear on Google’s first page when someone searches for terms relating to your service or product.
However, if you don’t know what to do, getting to the top page of Google can be pretty challenging. In this post, we’ve compiled 10 strategies that many  crypto PR companies employ to help you boost your crypto company’s ranking on Google as quickly as possible. Here are some ideas to get you going.

1) Make stuff accessible

Finding the best way to rank your content is one of the main obstacles you’ll have when you first start out with SEO. Fortunately, doing a little research may help you create effective techniques for improving your position in search results.
Recall that gathering knowledge and putting new concepts into practise take time, so don’t let slow or stagnant development demotivate you. If you want some fundamental advice on how to optimise your website and blogs, start here.
We can also help you if you need more in-depth guidance on specific subjects like social media strategy or local listings optimization. The proper digital marketing company can also aid in boosting traffic through in-depth keyword research and effective link-building initiatives.
Given that many businesses have already made significant investments in their backlinks, this strategy can be challenging (aka link juice). However, if done properly, backlinking can eventually result in higher traffic from organic searches, better ranks, and improved brand visibility online.

2) Produce Interesting, Educational, and Current Content

By regularly updating your material, you let search engines know that your business is active. They’ll want to drive more visitors your way, which will raise your ranking and brand recognition. It is preferable to provide more material regularly than to produce less and hope for the best.
Although content creation doesn’t have as many variables as other approaches, there are always going to be things that go wrong with marketing campaigns. As a result, don’t give up if things don’t work out right away. For the best results, we advise posting at least three times per week with new and pertinent information.

3)Build natural backlinks.

You may create backlinks for your cryptocurrency website in a number of methods without having to be concerned about producing low-quality connections that might be harmful to your site’s overall ranking. Making an appropriate press release that includes a link to your primary company website is the first thing you should do.
If you’re launching a new product, consider posting a few of these items to well-known review websites like CNET or MakeUseOf with a link back to your website. Additionally, you may attempt leaving comments on well-known sites in your niche or starting original forum posts about the products you sell; both of these will assist boost backlinks.

4) Seek advice from influencers

One of the best strategies to increase the visibility of your business is to enlist the help of influential social media users. By doing this, you can avoid having to go out and look for followers on your own.
Popular people will often offer useful information that could increase traffic to your website. Just be sure your content is worthwhile to share before contacting anyone. If not, influencers might not be eager to spread the word about your company.
Try offering influencers or journalists who write about related subjects something in return for their coverage, such as a product sample or a discount code they may distribute during their review, when you do get in touch with them. In certain instances, they might not accept any payment at all; all they want is access to a new product so they can test it out for themselves.
Also keep in mind that it’s crucial to just contact individuals who would actually be interested in reviewing what you have to offer. Don’t bombard random people with links or requests!

5) Spend money on top-notch content

Quality is more important than ever in search engine optimization (SEO).Any company’s online presence will depend on the calibre of its content and the locations where it is shared.
Social media is significant, but it is no longer nearly as crucial to SEO as it previously was, and social media has changed significantly in recent years. Make sure to invest in high-quality content written exclusively for your target audience if you want to increase the Google ranking of your cryptocurrency company.
Create connections with influencers: Influencer marketing isn’t just for consumer companies anymore; other business sectors may participate by creating connections with subject-matter experts and opinion leaders who have a following or are recognised as authorities in their field.

6) Spread the word constantly!

Organic word-of-mouth is your best marketing weapon, so be sure to offer your customers a reason to gush about your brand. Provide rewards and savings for people they refer. Since competition is good for you, don’t be hesitant to approach other cryptocurrency businesses and urge them to partner with you on promotions. Just watch out that you don’t break any of the terms of service in the process.
Making it simple for people to find you online will boost traffic more than anything else because the greatest way for people to learn about your business is through search engines like Google and Bing (save product releases). Your website’s accessibility and content need both be improved!

7) Register on well-known websites

If you want your business to grow, you must stand out. Search engine optimization is one of the finest strategies to guarantee visibility (SEO). If SEO is a new term to you, it refers to techniques used to raise a website’s placement in search engines like Google and Bing.
It’s a crucial component of every digital marketing campaign, but it may be especially successful for new businesses. Here are some recommendations for starting.
1. Improve the name of your website: Search engines will count the number of times the name of your business appears on a page, so make sure it does so frequently. The rating of your business on Google and other search engines will benefit from this. When possible, try using it in page names, headers, and picture alt tags. You should also incorporate references to your business’s goods or services throughout the text on your website, as well as connections to outside websites that use your company’s name.
2. Improve URL structure: While there are no hard-and-fast guidelines for how different types of websites’ URLs should be structured, there are some conventions you should abide by if you want to optimise them for SEO.

8) Make the most of social media.

Your tweets, posts, and uploads will appear in relevant searches on Twitter and Instagram if you include popular hashtags in them. Make sure that other people may share your content.
Your content will rank higher in search results the more people share it, both on social media and on other platforms like YouTube. Encourage visitors to your website to subscribe to your channels or to sign up for email updates.
Reach out to influencers who have a large following; they can increase your traffic by sharing what you’ve produced.

9) Improve your meta descriptions by using pertinent keywords.

It’s crucial to include keywords in meta descriptions since they help search engines comprehend what your page is about. Include your most relevant keyword (not necessarily your brand name) in your meta description and test out several variations to see which ones get more click-through rates.
Improve your title tags: In addition to encouraging clicks, search engines also employ title tags to determine the topic of a page. In order to get users to click through, title tags should be as detailed as possible, contain pertinent keywords, and aid in decision-making. See which headline generates more traffic over time by experimenting with different iterations of it with slightly modified wording.

10) Examine the strategies of your rivals and adopt their best techniques.

The actions of your rivals can teach you a lot about what works and what doesn’t. The easiest method to do that is to use a site like SimilarWeb, which not only identifies your rivals but also provides you with useful information on their online activities.
You may check their performance in terms of traffic, clicks, and other metrics if they are running advertising. To assist in directing your own choices, you may also determine how much of their marketing budget is allocated to SEO. Last but not least, you can examine the source of visitors to see if there is any geographic bias or other tendencies that could guide future advertising.


In recent years, as interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has grown, cryptocurrency businesses have reaped the rewards of their labour in the form of higher Google results. So, if you work in the cryptocurrency sector, you probably want to know how to raise your Google ranking so that more people can find your business on Google’s search engine.


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