How to Hire and Find Blockchain Developers – Skills and Responsibilities

How to Hire and Find Blockchain Developers

If you decide to hire blockchain developers, where to start? 

In blockchain developer ‘s communities, there are few blockchain developers. It is new technology and it is hard to learn also. In this article we will guide you how to hire and find the best blockchain developers.

Table of Contents:- 

  1. Why is blockchain technology on the rise in demand?
  2. How to hire a blockchain developer
  3. Where to find blockchain developers
  4. Skills required for a blockchain developers
  5. Conclusion

Why Blockchain Technology on the rise on Demand

Blockchain technology was developed in the year of 1991. But in 2009, the first blockchain-based cryptocurrency was launched, Bitcoin. The decentralized nature of Bitcoin was founded anonymously as open-source software. In 2017, many people used a wallet with cryptocurrencies, basically bitcoins. 

As a survey, in 2016. There were 5000 blockchain developers in the world. This technology shows undeniable growth in demand. Now many promising programmers are enthusiasts to learn more blockchain technology. Linkedin shows the blockchain is most in-demand skills in 2020. 

How to Hire a Blockchain Developer

In this article, we will discuss tips and measures on how to hire blockchain developers. The development process in blockchain is rising day by day that is leading to skills shortage in the tech industry. And then it is difficult for a business or any startups to find the right Blockchain developers as per their requirements. 

Due to all these reasons, blockchain technology is slightly different from other technology. And in this situation HR needs to try a new strategy for finding and hiring blockchain developers. For hiring blockchain developers, you need to know about what you are looking for.and what blockchain projects you have. 

There are few questions to check before hiring blockchain developers for your startups.

1.Analyze their range of abilities and how lengthy they been in Blockchain business

2.Analyze their worked projects,

3.Analyze their work process, or improvement process

4.Analyze whether they are satisfied their jobs and obligations in past tasks

5.Ensure whether they have gone through fruitful ventures

You can conclude a Blockchain developer is reasonable for your business by simply understanding their range of abilities, and their accomplishments.

  1. Should be knowledgeable about huge code data sets.
  2. Should have capable information in any of the programming C++,Java, Java script.
  3. Expertise in information designs, and normal calculations (Acyclic chart , Hash table,SHA,etc..).
  4. Should be recognizable in fundamental cryptography(Encryption and unscrambling)
  5. Ought to be natural in P2P organizations.
  6. Should have solid information in bitcoin, digital currency and Blockchain
  7. Should be productive in safe multi strung code.
  8. Solid information in STL, and C++11.
  9. The designer ought to realize about the devices expected in building a Blockchain application

The Roles and Responsibilities

  1. To engage in Blockchain people groups and carry out the most recent advancement plans.
  2. Testing and using the consistently advancing new devices.
  3. Should be answerable for incorporating client – server side applications and broadening them with business center rationale.
  4. Design, Develop , Test, and Deploy Blockchain innovations.

Where to Find Blockchain Developers

At the point when we searched sites to find  software engineers, we incorporated the above prerequisites. We’ve likewise considered the most recent industry reports.

The following are not many of the best sites you ought to consider: is one of the best online freelancer platforms which provide across 100+ technologies and some emerging technologies. With Blockchain Solution from Optymize, enter a period of decentralization and change the best way in which your business works.This platform offers pre-vetted, skilled and compatible freelance blockchain developers with 15 days trial period also.

They have suitable Blockchain Development Packages for your project needs.

Base Package

  • 19K USD to 29K USD /
  • per month
  •  1 Blockchain/solidity developer
  •  1 Backend developer
  •  1 Frontend developer
  •  1 Web3JS developer

Silver Package

  • 29K USD to 59K USD /
  • per month
  •  Everything in Base
  •  + Blockchain Business Analyst
  •  + Blockchain Quality Assurance
  •  + Blockchain Project Manager

Gold Package

  • 39K USD to 79K USD /
  • per month
  •  Everything in Silver
  •  + Solution Architect
  •  + Part time CTO


Freelancer is a significant web-based independent commercial center. This isn’t restricted to programming advancement yet includes numerous specialized difficulties. Make an organization profile for your association and post your opportunities. 


Master is a well known web-based independent commercial center. While it’s not only for innovation experts, there are numerous product improvement occupations on this stage. Master has a broad data set of blockchain software engineers.


Upwork is quite possibly of the biggest independent stage. It isn’t restricted to innovation, however it unquestionably has countless enrolled tech consultants.

Skills Required for a Blockchain Developers

1. Understanding of Blockchain Technology

You can’t be a good blockchain developer except if you do not have knowledge how decentralized networks work.

What is blockchain technology? Blockchain is a distributed database that takes into consideration straightforward, secure, and safe transactions . It works by utilizing a distributed organization to support exchanges, eliminating the requirement for a broker. This idea makes it ideal for organizations hoping to reduce expenses and further develop productivity.

2. Know at least one High level programming language

C++, Golang, C#, JavaScript, Solidity, Python, Ruby, and Java are viewed as probably the most famous programming dialects for blockchain advancement. Bitcoin, the famous cryptographic money, was at first constructed utilizing C++.

3. Strong Grip of cryptography and security Principles

Blockchain innovation is secure on the grounds that it depends on cryptography. In this way, to be a decent blockchain designer, you’ll have to have areas of strength for any of the cryptography and security Principles.

4. Good Knowledge on Smart contracts

Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the conditions of the understanding between the gatherings composed into the code.

They are computerized agreements that contain every one of the agreements of an understanding between at least two gatherings. When the agreement is sent, it runs independently without an outsider association

5. Experience with Algorithm and Data Structures

Blockchain is an information structure in view of cryptography. UTXOs (for Bitcoin organization) and record/balance (for Ethereum organization) are the two most famous blockchain data set types. Blockchain engineers should be know about these ideas and how information structure functions.


Because of the shortage in the worldwide market, it is difficult to find the right developers. It is hard to find elusive blockchain developers that have value in your organization. Optimize helps you source and recruit verified freelance blockchain developers in any timezone and you are ensured to get the full value of your funds.


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