How is Increased Air Pollution Driving Demand for Air Quality Monitoring?


The pollution levels across the globe have been increasing rapidly, owing to the increased number of vehicles on the roads, rapid industrialization, and surging utilization of fossil fuels for generating energy. Moreover, the swiftly increasing population around the globe is further driving the demand for energy. Despite the fact that dependence on industries or energy cannot be decreased now, there is a pressing need for curbing the pollution levels. Air pollution is responsible for causing respiratory problems among people. As per the World Health Organization, about 4.2 million people died in 2016 because of air pollution.

AQM devices make use of different sampling methods, namely intermittent, continuous, passive, and manual, out of which, the demand for continuous sampling method was the highest in the past. The adoption of this sampling method is further expected to be the highest in the coming years as well, as it is a high-resolution method which offers continuous record the pollutant and contaminant levels. It further has advantages over other sampling methods, including high degree of measurement precision and remote communication. In addition to this, continuous AQM has the ability to operate over weeks or even months with minimal intervention form the operator.

The major end users of AQM products are pharmaceutical industry, government agencies and academic institutes, power generation plants, commercial & residential sectors, and petrochemical sectors. Among all these, commercial & residential sectors are projected to make considerable usage of AQM in the years to come. This can be ascribed to the surging levels of air pollution and the growing need for monitoring them in densely populated areas. Geographically, North America has been the largest user of AQM up till now, and the region is further expected to create the largest demand for these products in the coming years as well.

This is due to the rising number of patients suffering from respiratory disorders, surging pollution levels, and increasing awareness regarding the effect of air pollution on the environment and human health. Apart from this, the adoption of AQM products is also predicted to rise significantly in Asia-Pacific, thereby making the region the fastest-growing AQM market in the near future. This is because of the growing prevalence of respiratory disorders, increasing pollution levels, swift industrialization, and rising number of strict regulations about curbing air pollution in the region.

Hence, the demand for AQM is growing due to the rising air pollution and increasing prevalence of chronic diseases.


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