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What is an initial liquidity offering (ILO)? How does it work?

The crypto based fundraising models are latest trend and attraction as it offers a completely reliable platform. With many new models coming up, ILOs have gotten a separate audience for its fast and rewarding options.  Initial Liquidity Offering or ILO, is a new method adopted by startups to raise funds for their business. The startups create cryptocurrency tokens and sell them directly in the decentralized finance (DeFi) based Decentralized Exchanges by bypassing the process of ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The Initial Liquidity Offering is expected to take over ICO as the pre-eminent method to raise funds. This is expected as the tokens are released in an exchange platform that has an already existing market all set to purchase the tokens.

The initial liquidity offering crypto model comes along with exciting benefits. Have a look at some prominent benefits of them.

  1. Instant Liquidity

Access to instant liquidity is a great boon for any project. Insufficient liquidity can result decline in the price of crypto tokens. The liquidity pool guarantees liquidity to the cryptocurrency on every price with no slippage.

  1. Immediate Trading

A startup can launch its cryptos directly in a decentralized trading platform. This allows investors to start buying the new token immediately for the starting price, expecting a hike in the future. This adds up to the liquidity of the token.

  1. Cost-Effective Enlistment

To enlist a token in exchange, the startup or the fundraiser is required to pay monumental fees, which are high and are not affordable by most of them at their beginning stages. Instead, if they choose an ILO, the pay to deploy with smart contract and AMM is budget-friendly.

  1. Open and Fair Fundraising

The startups and even established companies for their crypto projects no more have to depend solely on private investors who may sell off all the tokens instantly once the token starts gaining traction. This may lead to drop in the price of tokens even before the companies opens up their functioning. Instead, the company goes public right from the beginning resulting in a wide distribution of tokens.

Workflow Of Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO)

  • An investor or a third-party is the one who funds the fundraisers who are in need of capital.
  • Unlike traditional processes like IPO, the funder will get shares of the financial outcomes, ILO’s liquidity contributors will get the tokens in exchange for the contribution made in the pool.
  • It is the Automated Market Maker that works for novel tokens.
  • As the contributors purchase the new tokens, they are often provided with some bonuses like yields.
  • The funds given by the contributors include stable coins.
  • When the token holder sells a large number of tokens through AMM, he/she receives the stable coins contributed to the liquidity pool.

The entire process makes initial liquidity offering splendid fundraising practice as it offers to present a readily available market to sell the tokens instantly.

Initial liquidity offering development services

If you wish to launch your own ILO to boost up your business, it is always necessary to get assistance from the top initial liquidity offering development services provider to gain the maximum benefits with specialized and exclusive solutions.


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