ETO Development: How to Get Started


ETO Development Company’s offering is just another edition of ICO, which is quickly growing to be the most favored strategy to increase finance for the company.


What is ETO?

Eto is an ecosystem, with many third-party applications that integrate with Bitcoin Core, creating a security aspect that combines with the privacy of Bitcoin, to make a service that is the ultimate bank. The Eto ecosystem has several integration points that make it a concept the industry will gravitate towards. Why is ETO Doing an ICO? The ETO Team is bringing the project to the next level, and ICO is the perfect vehicle for the project to get a quick start and to show the investors where the project stands today. With less than two months left in the development period, the time is now for ETO to take this step. A Chinese company has created a concept that can bring revolution to the financial industry.


How does it work?

ETO Development company plans to establish a new kind of business model. By establishing ETO, the company will be able to provide financing for startup projects, projects in pre-launch, startups in crowdfunding, and soon pre-revenue companies. Moreover, ETO will provide financing to established enterprises that need to operate more efficiently or create new products with the goal of additional sales. The ETO launch program will be conducted with an ICO, allowing the company to fund multiple rounds of financing. We anticipate having a full launch by September 2018. How is the ETO pre-sale process? In the pre-sale, we will be distributing a total of $20 million. Each pre-sale participant will be allocated a certain amount of tokens based on the level of investment.


Advantages and disadvantages of developing an ETO

Several advantages of ETOs can be drawn upon for the sake of business, as they are very important. Among the advantages, one of the most important is the return on investment, and that is the marketing. Another one is the fact that, once a company, team, or program implements an ETO, it becomes more accessible to the public. This is very important for a company to spread awareness for its business or program. An advantage of ETOs is that it has the capability to help raise funds. As one of the most widely known platforms for launching projects is ETOs. This has also made the company’s team very profitable. Aside from that, the other advantage is that ETOs have earned a higher demand than Bitcoin or other virtual currencies because ETOs can be traded globally.



When an investor buys one of these new tokens, he’s only paying one time for a premium token, which could continue to multiply its worth on the market for years to come. This is a strategy that has become popular recently due to its increased popularity. The state of blockchain development has allowed this project to start receiving funding and its first iteration is well-deserved, as the tech behind it is rather innovative. The ICO is rather recent and is attracting more attention than many other projects due to the recent state of blockchain technology.


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