Criterias To Shortlist The Best NFT Influencer Marketing Agency

nft influencer marketing agency


Though there are multiple influencer marketing agencies, only a few are worth paying our money to. If you invest your money on a low performing influencer marketing agency, there are higher chances your NFT might not sell and you may lose your money. If you want to sell your NFT effectively you need to give it in the right hads. A Good NFT influencer marketing agency will possess some simple good qualities they are:

  • They use the right influencers

Influencer marketing is used to target a group of audience and sell them the products. Through the right medium, the marketing agencies choose the right influencers, and use them to make the sale happen for your product.

In recent times influential marketing has grown rapidly and given birth to numerous influencers all over the world. Each influencer will have his own targeted audience. The key NFT marketing agencies use is they hire the right influencer who can sell your product. If this choosing is done correctly, then there are many chances your product will also sell. The main criterias influencer marketing agencies use are:

  • They use different influencer for different products
  • They hire only active Influencers
  • They use smart working Influencers.
  • They have active web presence


Websites are platforms where anyone can show their quality. A good marketing agency for NFT will do the same as well. 

Good agencies provide more information on their website.

If they mentioned the influencers they used then it is an add on. A good marketing agency will also use good strategies to market their own website. Also good agencies will open about their customer reviews.

  • They will possess a wide active Discord Server

Discord is the most popular platform for NFT sales. Discord provides a platform to build your community on various niches, interact with users and to attract new customers. Any Marketing company that deals with NFT must have a discord platform. Also discord is the platform where most NFT active buyers are there. Also a quality NFT marketer will possess some qualities, they are:

  • Active engagement with users,
  • Providing valuable tips and informations
  • Educating the users with out of box topics
  • Instant replies
  • Showing respect to customers,

These are some of the important qualities any NFT ad agency will possess.

A good discord account handling represents a good NFT marketer.

  • They will surely have a high active Twitter account

When it comes to NFT, Twitter is the place where viral information is being circulated, so good marketers will choose and post good information on their feed. Also twitter will have a higher number of active NFT influencers, so influencer markets will use this platform to collaborate with active NFT influencers. Though there are multiple marketers for NFT in Twitter any good marketing agency will do the following things:

  • Retweets
  • Mentioning NFT influencers on their posts
  • Post regular news & information about NFT
  • Comment and Show active involvement.

  • They will have good contact with NFT YouTube Influencers

Though we speak about Twitter and Discord, YouTube is a growing platform where people see faces and listen to their voices, though words have power, voices and faces have high influential powers too. So definitely it will have more impact on people’s minds also. Also with YouTube influencers people gain more trust and belief in them. So definitely a good influencer marketing agency will have contact with NFT influencers on Youtube. Some good NFT marketing agencies will also have direct tie up with top YouTube influencers, those are people who will have more value among the public, if a company possesses such high level contacts then definitely there is more value investing in it.

To conclude

Till now, We have talked about the qualities of a good NFT Influencer marketing agency. You can follow these steps and find the best agency for marketing your NFT as well. Do share it to the ones who need it. Happy Hunting!!


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