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About Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the most established cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States, and one of the largest in the world. But one must always consider the risks involved in trading these speculative currencies. Coinbase is an all-in-one platform that includes a number of services including crypto brokerage, a crypto exchange with advanced functionalities, VISA card, crypto wallet.


  • Very user-friendly
  • Large selection of cryptocurrencies
  • Large selection of products and services
  • Good liquidity
  • Listed in the USA with all necessary licenses for legal operation
  • VISA card for easy use of cryptocurrency
  • World leader in security and compliance


  • Slightly higher prices than other international crypto exchanges
  • Purchases and withdrawals in Norwegian kroner require an exchange


What is Coinbase Website Clone Script?

You can use Coinbase clone, both on your mobile and through its website. In them, the first page you will see is the home page, where you will have all the information you need. For example, you can see the real money value of your assets, as well as the evolution of the value of the main cryptocurrencies, decide which ones you want to be shown, and see a summary of the most outstanding news in the sector. We provide a customized Coinbase Website Clone Script based on the business conditions. Start your Coinbase exchange with our Coinbase Clone that empowers the quality of trading ventures efficiently.


What is Coinbase Clone App Development?

Coinbase clone app has delivered a mobile app available on iOS as well as Android devices. Deposit, withdraw, and trade 24/7 on the mobile application for those who would like to be able to trade anywhere, anytime. Coinbase mobile clone app allows the users to easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies with other users & also this app has all the features and same functionalities as the web platform.

 Features of Coinbase Clone App

  • Deposit/ Withdrawal options
  • Instant Push Notifications
  • White list features
  • KYC Registration Options
  • Referral features
  • Encrypted Private Key
  • Transaction history
  • Review Features
  • Module for P2P Lending
  • QR Scanner


Final Words

In the end, it should be said that the use of peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges mainly depends on the needs of traders. In these exchanges, traders will have access to a series of additional facilities and various payment methods, but they will have to cope with the lack of a number of other common facilities. Coinbase Exchange, although it has more expensive fees than market exchanges, offers cheap and satisfactory services to peers compared to other peer exchanges.

But also, you could start your own business! The advantage of this is having a complete, tested, and affordable site. You can order cryptocurrency exchange designs, mobile apps, or any other software you need!

Online exchange design similar to Coinbase exchange, by using Coinbase Clone with the ability to trade directly and without intermediary’s digital currency between buyer and seller in the P2P trading platform. In this cryptocurrency exchange website, purchase and sale requests will be automatically linked by the site and the site’s revenue will be from the transaction fee.




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