What Is a Blockchain and How Does It Work?


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What is a blockchain?

In simple terms, a is a distributed, automated, and secure public ledger that enables a community of users to authenticate each other’s transactions. There are many different uses for a blockchain that makes it possible to create a global platform that helps people all over the world authenticate their business interactions. What makes it so unique and important is that the members of the community who run the network all have their own identities and self-sovereign identities in a decentralized manner. When you register your bank account with a bank, your identity (credentials, wallet etc.) gets recorded in the system. All the money you put into the account gets added to the central account that the bank keeps. You also have a credit report from the bank.


How does it work?

Nadcab’s Technology will allow stakeholders to choose the digital currency for trading without any account and means of payment. User can set specific target investment sum up to $100,000. Using blockchain technology will eliminate the middleman as transactions will be saved and record in online public ledger. Nadcab Technology supports a centralised exchange but decentralized trading, whereby multiple users have one entry point to trade and access accounts with the blockchain technology. *Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency or altcoins are not legal tender, are based on blockchain technology and it is prohibited to trade on their exchanges. Why Nadcab Technology?


The evolution of the blockchain

The , or decentralized network for decentralized database management, is a platform and a method of organizing information so that it can be securely shared, recreated and replicated without a single entity holding the whole network together. It was initially designed to decentralize the system of computing power used for Internet transactions so that no single company or individual can gain control over it. It also allows users to have access to a global network of computers where all information is encrypted. It’s far from a new technology; however it’s taken a decade or two to work out how to implement it in a mainstream technology. Much of the big tech companies don’t fully understand how it works, so why all the interest.


Future of the blockchain

Unlimited possibilities to network, share and create with the help of decentralized electronic currency system.



Time will only tell how the Alt coin market is truly doing. Some projects, the market leader Litecoin, Ethereum and others are still ahead of others. However, one thing is clear that these Alt coins have made a name for themselves. One thing is certain that if these Alt coins are not worth their face value at least people know about them, why not them? They are getting in and getting the customers. What remains to be seen is the market and how much these Alt coins are worth in the future.


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