Binance Exchange Clone

Binance Clone Script

What Is Binance Clone Script?

Binance Clone Script is a highly advanced cryptocurrency exchange that can be tailored to your needs. This exchange can act as you want and show you how to experience a perfect business.

This business will be perfect because a different business experience has been tested, of course. Many developers have tried to achieve this technology, and now it is possible to surprise many traders with its use.

If you are a trader looking for attractive ways to trade in the world of digital currency. I suggest you look for a quality and complete version of Binance Clone.

In addition, if you are a fan of Binance and you want to design an exchange with Binance features and use its advanced features to have a popular exchange among digital currency traders, this is a good way for you. You can get an exchange like Binance by using Binance Clone Script Exchange.

In fact, Binance Clone Script is software emulated from Binance that can provide full Binance features. In addition, your Binance clone script can support other features in addition to binance features.

The interesting thing to know is that this developed exchange can be completely customized and become your exclusive exchange. You can put your brand on it because it is a white label exchange.


About Binance

Binance Exchange is one of the most famous and reputable digital currency exchanges that has been able to obtain a good ranking among traders and in addition can deliver good security to its users. All this together has caused the largest volume of transactions to be binance.

Established in 2017, this exchange has become the largest exchange in the world, considering that only five years have passed since its establishment.

Binance Exchange was set up in China

But due to restrictions in China, the company decided to move its headquarters to Taiwan and from there to Malta.

The manufacturer of Binance created this exchange with the aim of making trading easier and safer. Its turnover is the highest in the world of digital currency today, reaching more than $1 billion.

All the features of Binance together have turned it into 8 popular exchanges that have a lot of fans. So many of them want to have a Binance clone script.


Add the following features to have a different and useful Binance clone script

24-hour support: Order your software in such a way that it can respond to the problems of your traders 24 hours a day. This feature makes the traders’ view of your positive and increases their trust. This way, they will trade with ease on your platform. They will be confident that if an issue arises, it will be resolved quickly.

Fiat Support: Your traders would be great if they could trade cryptocurrency with Fiat and Crypto in addition to crypto trading. This type of trading volume increases and the number of traders also increases.

One-piece wallet support: Allow your traders to use multiple wallets at the same time. This increases the security of their account.

KYC / AML: Your users will submit their identification and legal documents for verification before starting the business. You can analyze those documents and allow the cryptocurrencies to be traded in your Binance clone exchange.

Multilingual support: Support multiple languages ​​so that your users can easily communicate with other traders and get their transactions done faster.

View of previous trades: Provides trading charts for your users to get the correct position of market trends and price movements. Many tools are integrated with charts for easy and efficient trading. This will increase the confidence of your traders.


How To Work With Binance Clone Script?

Account Registration: You are definitely required to register in order to work with any site or application. Without this, you will not be an account user of that platform. So the first step to working with a superintendent is to register on the platform. In this way, traders who want to trade on your platform must first enter their username. Then enter their phone number or email.

Full Verification: In order for your traders to be able to trade, they must be verified as your user. Then send a code or link to their email, so they can use it to register their account.

Digital Currency Deposits: Traders do not have any assets in their account when they first enter your platform. In order to be able to start their trades, they have to deposit some cash into their account so that they can trade with it.

Buy CryptoCurrency: Now they can buy digital currencies using the trading options available in your exchange and are no longer considered a trader.


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