Best NFT Games 2022: Play to Earn in Drunk Robots


Best NFT Games 2022: Play to Earn in Drunk Robots

Did you know that play to earn NFT games are a great way to earn valuable assets simply by playing? In one of the best NFT games in 2022, Drunk Robots, your objective is to get your robots drunk as quickly as possible by having them consume alcoholic beverages that you have purchased for them. The more alcoholic beverages you purchase, the tipsier your robots will become, and the more you will earn!

After you have provided your robots with alcoholic beverages, you can kick back and watch them get tipsy. They are going to bumble around, trip over stuff, and make a general mess of everything. On the other hand, the more drinks they consume, the more play to earn NFTs you will accumulate.

What are you waiting for? Get off the couch and start shopping for some beverages for your robots! If you need some assistance, feel free to ask any of the helpful bartenders at Drunk Robots – they are always eager to help. If you are looking for NFT games with the best ROI, Drunk Robots is the ideal game for you to play.

Drunk Robots has just finished a successful launch, released three play to earn NFT game modes, sold out a quantity of 10,101 NFT robots in a matter of only a few months, received funding from Animoca Brands and Merit Circle, and developed a fan base consisting of one hundred thousand followers.

Best NFT Game Collections

What is an NFT game collection in Drunk Robots? The non-fungible token (NFT) economy of Drunk Robots is predicated on a collection of 10,101 robots that are categorized into four different rarity levels. Each one has twenty distinguishing qualities, such as their hair color and their arsenal of weaponry.

There are collections in NFT games, meaning – in the case of Drunk Robots – an extensive group of weapons that features a wide variety of implements, such as flamethrowers, bazookas, pitchforks, katanas, laser guns, and more. The initial collection was soon and entirely depleted on both the Binance NFT and the Liquidifty exchanges. On the secondary market of the Liquidity app, however, some can be found in the form of containers. These containers can hold one or more robots, weapons, or farming components, depending on the type of item they contain.

Drunk Robots: The Future of NFT Play to Earn & GameFi

The development of GameFi over the course of the last year has been nothing short of remarkable, with the appearance of intricate in-game economies and characters that can be upgraded.

The pixelated sceneries that appeared to have been lifted from 1995 have been replaced by finely created 3D environments. Sponsored Graphics has made a significant amount of improvement. Drunk Robots is a project that combines entertaining and provocative gameplay with superb design and powerful NFT play to earn game features. It is a perfect example of the new generation of crypto gaming, which is becoming increasingly popular.

The best time to review this highly promising game, which has over a hundred thousand fans on its various social media platforms, is now because Drunk Robots is still in its early phases of growth and adoption, making it one of the NFT games with the best ROI for those that get in early.

Drunk Robots has the Best NFT Games to Make Money

What are play to earn NFT games that will award you for simply playing, requiring no initial investment? Drunk Robots offers free minigames, like Ninja and Knockout, which allow you to easily start making money online for free!

The criteria are straightforward: to win, you must come out on top against other players and their records, take the top spots on the Leaderboard, and bask in the glory and $METAL tokens that accompany your victory. Following the announcement of the top players and the distribution of $METAL that takes place every Monday, the leaderboard is reset to its initial state of zero. Therefore, it is possible for anyone to make money simply by participating in Drunk Robots’ play to earn NFT games.

Everyone who earns 100 points or more across both games will receive a free drop of 10,000 $METAL.

To get started, all you need is a Metamask wallet and a BNB Chain that is connected to it. If you require assistance with that, be sure to follow the provided steps.

$METAL and the Drunk Robots Play to Earn NFT Game Economy

$METAL is Drunk Robots’ native token, which adheres to the BEP-20 standard since the game is powered by Binance Smart Chain. Apart from buying $METAL on an exchange, one of the most effective ways to acquire it is to play to earn it in PvP (player vs. player) conflicts.

Each battle victory offers a reward, but there is also a leaderboard, and the top performers will receive extra token bonuses at the end of each season. Extra $METAL may be earned by selling robots and attachments on the marketplace. Farming is another way to earn tokens; it requires a virtual land plot as well as a farming unit.

Drunk Robots also offers many ways to use $METAL:

  • Upgrading one’s character, equipment, land, and farming tools (you can even improve the rarity level of a robot)
  • Purchasing items from the marketplace
  • Choosing distinct opponents in the PvP arena, forming groups to fight against other teams, and so on.

You can also:

  • Collect the guns, robots, and other street garbage to boost your street cred.
  • Participate in PvP fights and participate in drunken races to show who is boss here.
  • Create your own gang or join an existing one—the city will be ruled by more powerful mobs.
  • Even drunk robots want to own their own property, so buy your tiny plot of land and farm it.

In addition to $METAL, Drunk Robots offers a second in-game token called $JUNK. This may be found by scavenging or fighting, and it can also be earned for $METAL. $JUNK is used to upgrade weapons and purchase raffle tickets.

Months ago, the team behind Drunk Robots has stated that “few games have accomplished what we have before the IDO.” It is striking how much the team has already managed to include in Drunk Robots, especially when compared to other play-to-earn NFT game projects being developed by GameFi.

In contrast to the majority of NFT play to earn games that reach the IDO stage with little more than a website and some concept art, Drunk Robots already had multiple game types that were playable, as well as a thriving community. And now, a few months following the Drunk Robots IDO, the game and its community continue to grow steadily!

These accomplishments would not have been possible without the robust collaboration network that Drunk Robots maintains.

Animoca Brands, which is one of the top blockchain gaming venture firms and whose portfolio includes the best NFT games of 2021 and 2022, like The Sandbox, Crazy Defense Heroes, and Phantom Galaxies, is the company that is supporting this game.

Another significant partnership that we have is with Merit Circle, which is a prominent crypto gaming guild and DAO.

In addition to Moonrock Capital and Shima Capital, DEX Ventures, Good Games Guild, Wanaka Farm, and Liquidifty, Drunk Robots also counts as partners and investors the popular cryptocurrency exchanges and Wanaka Farm is also an investor in Drunk Robots.

Best NFT Games to Make Money

After trying Drunk Robots’ free play to earn NFT minigames, you will most likely want to put your skills to the test by participating in more rigorous tournaments and events.

PVP Arena

Player vs Player is where the real challenge lies. You have to put your skills to the test against players from all around the world in order to receive a chance at winning some great prizes.

In the Player vs. Player Arena, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in fierce combat with other players. The winners, as is customary, are awarded a large quantity of $METAL, attractive female robots, and gallons of beer. In order to take part in a fight, you will need to assemble a group of six robots.

You need to have at least one robot in order to begin playing. You can get NFT in game purchases on the secondary market or you can just buy a box and look inside to see if you have a rare, epic, or legendary robot. You can also look through the entire collection or learn more about the pairing process on this page in order to select the appropriate robot.

Each battle requires you to construct a formation that has six available slots. Players begin play with only one available space. You will need to make a purchase in order to access the other ones. The fact that the line of formation delivers specific boosts to the robot’s parameters is one of the reasons why this is significant. Frontline – Melee weapons get a DMG bonus, Backline – Range weapons gain DMG bonus. It was possible to verify the parameters of the robots in this area.

The division in which your robot finishes determines how much $METAL you will earn at the end of the competition. Each division has robots that have a specific rating, and that rating dictates the hash power of the formation that it contains, which in turn determines how quickly you can farm. Drunk Robots is one of the best NFT games to make money, as it is estimated that the return on investment for one typical robot is approximately 117 $ METAL every day. You can make 3,510 $ METAL from this play to earn NFT games in one month, which is equivalent to 175 USD.

Drunk Races

If you’re looking for yet another way to enjoy Drunk Robots while you play to earn NFTs, try Drunk Races! For participation in this event, you will need a minimum of one robot and one cart. Once you have obtained a robot, navigate to the homepage of the Drunk Races and mint your cart. You have the choice of renting a robot from PVP or purchasing one using the methods that we covered earlier.

It should come as no surprise that the regulations are really easy to understand given that anybody can sign up and immediately begin earning money. Take part in races, finish in the top three, and earn anywhere from 20 to 80 $METAL for your efforts. The return on investment (ROI) that is anticipated to be generated by one common cart is 120 $ METAL every day. This equates to 3,600 $ METAL per month or 162 USD based on the current exchange rate. It’s no surprise that Drunk Robots is one of the NFT games with the best ROI!

There are some limitations that contribute to the prevention of fraud, including the following:

  • Your carts have certain mileage constraints. If you are able to surpass them, you will be required to upgrade your cart using a specialized toolkit. It is required in two scenarios: the first is when the distance is depleted, and the second is when the rarity is increased.
  • Rare items improve your chances of winning, but they are not the deciding factor in the competition; anyone can take first place.
  • Because each race uses up energy, you have ten opportunities to race each day for each cart.

Drunk Robots: The Best NFT Game to Make Money in 2022

If you believe that the only thing that robots need to eat is motor oil, you need to reconsider. Beer is a favorite beverage of all of the intricately made robots in this game, and they spend the majority of their time either searching for it or getting tipsy on it.

After that, just like regular people, they get into inebriated fights, which frequently grow into major battles between competing gangs with colorful names like Metal Heist and Yakuza Warriors.

Another one of the robots’ favorite things to do is to wander the streets of Los Machines in search of trash that was left behind by humans.

Then, in order to improve their chances of winning conflicts and boosting their crop harvests through farming, they trade this junk for new weapons and accessories.

The game Drunk Robots is a perfect example of the way in which the GameFi industry as a whole is evolving. It is a game that is played on a fast chain that has minimal fees (BSC), with characters who can be upgraded and a real-world use for the tokens, but most importantly, it has a deep backstory and exciting gameplay. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that significant companies like Animoca Brands and Merit Circle are interested in Drunk Robots; in fact, anyone who follows the P2E business should think about giving this idea some serious consideration.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to to start your play to earn NFT adventure and help the robots continue their search for that ever-elusive perfect pint!


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