A new and helpful tool for Crypto users


When you are new in the Crypto World as I call it, there are many things I used to ignore as taxes, yes! you need to calculate taxes if you had decided to be part of the Crypto World.

Recently I was very concern about the Crypto and I´m the kind of person how loves to visit new webs where I can learn more and more about Cryptos and everything in it, and I found out about a Cryptocurrency tax software that actually does all the hard work for you, and I must say I was thrilled!

This software actually calculates your Cryptocurrency taxes and helps you reduce them for next year. It truely is simple and reliable.

Here are some amazing advantages too about this Crypto Software:

  • Available in 20+ countries
  • Free report preview
  • Form 8949 & Schedule D
  • TurboTax & TaxAct
  • HMRC / ATO / CRA Report

The API sync process is perfect  and the user interface is incredibly easy to navigate. I truly recommend it!



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