A Comprehensive Guide to Selecting a Name Necklace

Name Necklace

When you think about it, our names play a significant part in our lives. Whether it’s a name passed down from generation to generation. A choice we stress over when having children, or a defining element of who we are. Our unique name necklace jewelry collection was created to not only show the world who you are but also to capture a part of your personality and personal flair.

How To Wear A Name Necklace?

There are several reasons to wear a name necklace; some people wear them as a fashion statement, while others wear them to preserve their necklace bone.

The first step is to select a pendant with a name on it. Various names may have different necklace bones; choose one that suits the appearance you want. Alternatively, some names, such as “the sliced onion,” are overused and have no sentimental meaning. Get a necklace with a significant name for yourself and keep it as a memento.

Various Ways to Wear a Custom Name Necklace

Remember that there are many various styles of personalized name necklaces. Each with its distinct characteristics that might impact the feel of your outfit. Name pendant fonts, necklace chain lengths and widths, metal kinds, chain link designs, and gemstones may all have an impact on how you style your name necklace.

Necklaces with Chain Layers

However, you may recall the boring layered necklace fads of the 2010s, which featured thin stacked necklaces that were all the same in width, color, and general aesthetic.

The new method of styling many necklaces is more intriguing. Layer around 2-5 chain necklaces of varying lengths, textures, and styles. Here are some suggestions for stacking necklace chains with a personalized name necklace:

  • For diverse textures, combine different chain link styles such as Miami Cuban Link chains, Figaro chains, curb chains, rope chains, wheat chains, and so on.
  • Choose multiple necklace lengths such as a 14″ choker or a 27″ long pendant necklace to complement your personalized name necklace.
  • Color-match metals or experiment with a mixed-metal aesthetic.
  • Combination of simple gold chains with gemstone pendants or necklaces
  • Add additional personalized necklaces to your collection, such as custom dog tag necklaces, engraved bar necklaces, engraved medallion or disc pendants, or other one-of-a-kind pendants.

Accessorise With Other Jewelry

If you don’t want to wear other necklaces with your personalized name necklace, you can still make your outfit stand out by wearing other pieces of custom jewelry that represent your distinctive style.

If you want to go for a streetwear vibe, here are some urban-style custom jewelry ideas to go with a personalized name necklace:

  • Bracelet: Gold chain link bracelets, tennis bracelets, and iced-out watches are examples of bracelets.
  • Earrings: Diamond stud earrings, gold hoop earrings, plug earrings, and drop earrings
  • Rings: Rings include pinky rings, signet rings, diamond rings, hefty rings, and index finger rings.

Mixing with different gemstones is a terrific approach to completely establish your style and stand out. Cubic zirconia and diamonds shine brightly, whereas black onyx rings can be mysterious. You may personalize your outfit by wearing birthstone custom jewelry.

Pay Attention To Clothing

If you don’t want your name to be the only thing you wear. You can still make a statement by understanding what to wear with your personalized name necklace. Here are some suggestions on what to wear with a name necklace:

  • Match your unique necklace to your outfit colors: gold name necklaces look well with blacks and darker hues, while white gold and silver name necklaces look great with muted colors.
  • Consider the neckline of your shirt: long necklaces look great with high-necked shirts. Choker-length name necklaces complement medium necklines well. Mid-length necklaces complement V-neck and U-neck shirts.
  • Maintain the equilibrium of your ensemble: Wear your custom name necklace with a shirt that has a large design or a busy print if you want it to stand out. Consider your attire as a composition. Where do you want to draw attention, and where do you want to leave blank?

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Try And Keep It Update

Custom name necklaces are timeless if you know how to keep them fresh. Your dress selections might reflect your state of mind when your mood or lifestyle changes. Wear as many rings on one hand as you want if you’re going to a party and want to stand out, or wear a watch and a bracelet. If you want your name to stand out, wear it with a black t-shirt, a jacket, a cap, and jeans.



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