7 Things to Look for When Getting a New Boiler Quote in the UK


7 Things to Look for When Getting a New Boiler Quote in the UK When you’re replacing or installing a new boiler, getting the right quote is crucial. A boiler is a big investment and choosing the wrong one can mean inefficiency, higher bills and more breakdowns. Here are 7 things to look for when getting a new boiler quote in the UK. Boiler Type There are many types of boilers and each has its pros and cons: Combi Boilers: Combines water heating and central heating in one unit. Space saving but may not be able to meet high water demand. System Boilers: No tank but separate hot water cylinder. Good for homes with high hot water demand. Conventional Boilers: Also known as regular or heat-only boilers. Both cylinder and tank required. Good for homes with old radiators and high hot water needs.

Make sure the quote says what type of boiler is being offered and if it’s suitable for your home. Boiler Efficiency Energy efficiency is key. Newer boilers are more efficient than older ones which will save you money on your bills. Look for boilers with a high ErP (Energy-related Products) rating. The best boilers have an A-rating which means they are at least 90% efficient. Brand and Model The brand and model of the boiler is important for quality and reliability. Well known brands like Worcester Bosch, Vaillant and Ideal are generally trusted for their durability and performance. Make sure the quote says what brand and model and do some research on customer reviews and expert opinions. Installation Costs Installation costs can vary depending on the job. The quote should break down these costs into: Removal of old boiler Any work to pipework Flue installation Condensate pipe installation Additional work like fitting a thermostat or new controls. Check if the quote includes any extras that will be needed for your installation. Warranty and Guarantees A boiler is a big investment and a good warranty will give you peace of mind. Look for: Manufacturer’s Warranty: Typically 2 to 10 years. Longer warranties are better but often require installation by an approved installer. Installer Guarantee: Some installers offer additional guarantees on their work. Make sure this is included and what it covers. Aftercare and Servicing Servicing is important to keep your boiler running efficiently and to validate your warranty. Check if the installer offers an aftercare package and what’s included. Some quotes may include the first year’s service free. Payment Options Boilers are expensive and it’s worth considering the payment options: Outright Purchase: Pay the full amount upfront. Financing Options: Many installers offer finance deals, you can spread the cost over several years. Rental Options: Some companies offer boiler rental schemes which includes maintenance and servicing. Read the terms of any finance or rental agreement, including interest rates and total repayment amount.

Getting a new boiler is a big investment and getting the right quote is more than just looking at the price. Consider the type of boiler, efficiency, brand, installation costs, warranties, aftercare and payment options. Take your time to review and compare the quotes and you’ll choose the right boiler for your needs and budget and have warmth and comfort for years to come.


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