5 Things to Consider While Buying A Vape Battery


Things To Keep in Mind While Choosing a Vape Battery

Choosing the right battery can be tricky in the first place as a wide variety of vapes are available in the market. Today there is more diversity in vapes than ever before because different types of vaporizers have been introduced. The two main types of vapes are disposable vapes and reusable vapes.

Difference Between Disposable And Reusable Vape Batteries:

Despite the main task of the battery, which is to supply power to the device, some functions of disposable and reusable vapes are different from each other. Disposable vapes use a battery following their characteristic, which is discarding it after use, so their battery is non-rechargeable too.

While chasing features of the other type of vape, reusable ones, their batteries are rechargeable. Therefore while purchasing, you must remember which sort of vape battery suits you. If your disposable battery suits your vaping needs, you should go for it. But if you need a reusable kit, then you can buy the other battery type.

Things to Consider While Buying A Vape Battery:

There are several factors that require your attention while you’re purchasing a battery. Following are the viewpoints that must be kept in mind:

Battery Lifespan:

You must select a vape with good battery timing as the first and most important factor. You won’t be able to enjoy a long vaping session if the battery timing of the vape is poor. To indulge yourself in vaping in an appropriate way, you must have a device with long-lasting battery life.

Various aspects of vape batteries must be understood if you are a new vaper. When selecting a vape kit, you should be confident that the vape can be used easily. If you’re just starting, you should choose disposable vapes like the signature e liquid and cola e liquidwith reliable batteries.

Safe Batteries:

There is a slight difference between a long-lasting battery and a safe battery. Lithium-Ion batteries are considered the safest batteries. You need to be careful of voltage while you’re charging your battery. You need to be careful whether the battery you are choosing is safe or not. There could be a danger of battery blast, so you must be sure that the battery you are buying is secure.

If you use rechargeable batteries, there is more danger of a blast due to high or low voltage. So, you just need to buy safe batteries that are not harmful to the devices.

Voltage and Temprature:

When the vape coil is heated, vapours are produced. The more the coil is heated, the more nicotine puffs you can get. So, you can use high voltage batteries to make huge clouds. But, if you do not intend to make bigger clouds and thicker vapours, then a medium or lower wattage battery should work fine for you.


There are a few things which you should keep in high consideration while selecting a vape battery. The most important things include the battery’s life span, safety, and wattage. If you use disposable vapes, ask for a long-lasting battery.

On the other hand, removable batteries are also good while using rechargeable vape kits. You can easily purchase a vape kit and enjoy your hobby for as long as possible. Therefore, read the above-mentioned factors thoroughly while choosing the best battery for yourself.


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