3 Cryptocurrency mining companies to invest in

3 Cryptocurrency mining companies to invest in

One of the newest and exciting opportunity to earning online is provided by investment in cryptocurrency. However often people are focused only on the investment in crypto while there is another option to make money by investing in crypto mining companies.

To help you know more we have prepared a list of 3 cryptocurrency mining companies to invest in. Often people face difficulty in choosing the correct crypto to invest in and make mistakes with their choices however in the case of selecting the top 3 cryptocurrency mining companies to invest in we have made the selection based on performance, management and future outlook of the companies which ensures success in investment.

Cryptocurrency mining company’s operation involves utilizing high computational power to solve complex problems to validate any transactions using blockchain technology and generate new crypto coins.

There are several crypto mining stocks and they are represented by an exchange-traded fund (ETF) known by the name Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF (BLOK) which have underperformed the broader market.


It’s a cryptocurrency mining company and is involved in the business of powering up the global decentralized economy. The company was established in 2017 and is currently headquartered in Canada

Market Cap: $853.7 million

Research Rating : Moderate Buy

Key Operational Statistics

Corporate Hashrate: 3.3 EH/sec

Q4 2021 Avg production cost per bitcoin : $8000

Operating Facilities : 6

We have selected Bitfarms for investment as it has a strong performance in Q42021, good operation infrastructure and achievable future outlook.

Hut 8 Mining

Hut 8 mining is one of the leading organizations in the digital finance space and is involved in advancement of decentralized systems with digital asset mining and high-performance computing.

Market Cap: $1 Billion

Research Rating : Moderate Buy

Operating Facilities: Hut 8 has a total of 8 operating centers which runs on power generated through hydro power and nuclear energy.

We recommend buying its stocks based on its heavy operational capacity which can fulfill high demand in future and strong future outlook.

Marathon Digital

Marathon Digital is the largest crypto mining company in North America.

It’s a digital asset technology company which is involved in crypto mining.

Market Cap: $2.7 billion

Research Rating : Strong Buy

The company’s operation strategy is based on increasing hash rate to spike up production and simultaneously decreasing associated risk in its business by having a defensive strategy against bitcoin price drop.

Operating Facilities: Marathon Digital has collaborated with Beowulf Energy to relocate its Bitcoin data center at the Big Horn data hub which is a 20-acre landmass neighbor to Beowulf’s Hardin Generating Station, a 105 MW power facility located in Hardin, Montana.

We recommend buying it based on the strong reputation it has built over the years, strong performance and ability to merge and collaborate with leading organizations in a cohesive manner.

We have prepared a brief overview of the top 3 cryptocurrency companies to invest in which involves Bitfarm, Hut 8 mining and Marathon digital. There are multiple other mining companies and once you have completed reading through our article you will be ready to apply our company selection psyche and able to select crypto companies to invest in


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