10 Things to Know Before Choosing a Bitcoin Trading Platform


With the growing prominence of cryptocurrencies, more and more people are shifting their attention towards crypto space. Crypto investing or trading ofers its own sets of benefits, however, choosing a secure platform is one of the most essential things interested parties should consider.

Finding a safe trading platform is necessary for everyone, especially the novice parties, as it can make crypto investing and trading quick, easy, stress-free and beneficial. Numerous exchanges offer services of buying, selling or trading cryptocurrencies. However, not every Bitcoin trading platform offers security and convenience to the users.

Therefore, it is helpful and essential to look for a reliable trading platform to trade the chosen crypto asset without any hassle.

The best way to find the top Bitcoin exchanges is to have a checklist of things to look for, as are mentioned below in detail.

Reputation of the Platform Matters

The crypto market can be both competitive and unpredictable, which highlights the importance of finding a reliable trading platform for novice crypto traders.

Among several other things to look for, the reputation of a trading platform is one of the most prominent factors. Different trading platforms go head-to-head in offering services of crypto trading to the users. However, inexperienced traders should choose a platform that has a good reputation among experienced crypto traders.

Potential crypto traders should not be hasty while choosing a trading platform and take their time to research multiple options. They can look up the reviews of different traders for Bitcoin trading platforms in order to narrow down their list and choose the best one.

Some of the best Bitcoin exchanges include:

  • ByBit
  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • Kraken
  • Gemini

Security is Most Important

The safety and security offered by a trading platform is the most important thing and should not be overlooked by interested parties. All the top Bitcoin exchange sites have their sets of security features that ensure the funds of the users are kept safe from any kind of harm.

The top Bitcoin trading platforms make use of cutting-edge technologies to develop security protocols that give the crypto traders peace of mind while trading.

Therefore, potential crypto traders who do not have any prior experience should take their time to thoroughly check the security technologies and protocols offered by a trading platform.

Fee Charged by a Bitcoin Trading Platform

Every trading platform charges some kind of fee to the users, such as a transaction fee or withdrawal fee. However, interested parties should only continue Bitcoin trading with a platform that offers a transparent and good fee structure.

The security and low fee offered by a trading platform need to be checked properly as a platform that offers low fees might not necessarily offer utmost security as well. Therefore, new investors should be very careful while choosing the lowest fee Bitcoin exchange and make sure they also check the security systems and protocols.

Customer Support is Essential

A Bitcoin trading platform that offers excellent customer service can be a suitable option for crypto traders, beginners and experts alike. Customer support is an important factor that needs to be considered by the interested parties.

Investing in crypto or becoming a crypto trader can both be complex and challenging for some people, especially if they are new to the crypto space. Novice parties may have questions or concerns and they might require assistance at any point.

In such a case, having an active and responsive team of experts on standby can be very helpful and make the whole experience a lot easier. Therefore, potential crypto traders looking for the top Bitcoin exchange sites should make sure the platform they choose offers around-the-clock customer support.

Look for the Trading Volume of a Platform

Bitcoin trading platforms are technologically advanced and offer utmost security, speed and stability to the users. The top platforms are created in a way to offer excellent Bitcoin trading experiences, without any interruptions or errors.

Therefore, along with the above-mentioned factors to consider, crypto traders should also take a look at the trading volume offered by an exchange. Some of the top crypto exchanges such as ByBit and Binance can handle 100,000 transactions per second without any interruptions.

Hence, people looking to start trading Bitcoin should make sure they take choose a platform that offers highest trading volume.

Leverage Trading

Leverage trading is one of several factors that are important and helpful to consider for novice crypto traders so they can choose a reliable Bitcoin trading platform. As mentioned above, there is no shortage of trading platforms, however, they vary in terms of several services offered. One of the differences includes leverage trading. Therefore, people looking for a trading platform for the first time should also keep an eye out for leverage trading.

Funding Methods Offered by a Platform

The best Bitcoin exchanges offer different methods of funding accounts. The funding methods include buying Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies through:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Bank transfers

These funding methods are important for all interested traders to know so they can determine, which method is most suitable for them. Once they choose a funding method that is convenient for them they can choose the trading platform accordingly.

Therefore, while looking at funding methods may not be a highly essential thing to look for, it can certainly help in finding a Bitcoin trading platform that is secure and makes crypto trading easy.

Analyze the User Interface

Online trading platforms can be complex and technical for some people, especially if they are inexperienced and have never used a trading platform before. The complex procedures offered by trading platforms are one of the reasons why potential traders are often hesitant to start crypto trading.

Therefore, while looking for Bitcoin exchange sites, novice parties should opt for a trading platform that has a simple user interface. An easy-to-navigate trading platform can make all the difference for inexperienced people who are interested in trading Bitcoin for the first time.

Trading Pairs Offered by Different Platforms

Assets that can be traded for each other on an exchange are known as trading pairs or cryptocurrency pairs. Some examples of trading pairs are:


While looking for a Bitcoin trading platform the potential traders should be mindful of the trading pairs supported by the exchange they want to choose. A platform that offers a variety of trading pairs is a more suitable option to choose as compared to one that does not. The reason being, more trading pairs would attract more traders, which means the platform will be competent enough to cater to the needs of a large audience.

Desktop Version and Mobile Application

A trading platform that has a well-developed, technologically advanced and easy-to-use desktop version and mobile-friendly application is a much more suitable exchange as compared to others. If potential traders choose a trading platform with well-developed desktop and mobile applications, it can help them trade while on the go. Crypto traders can even make changes to the trading positions and a lot more if they can access the platform through their mobile phones.


Choosing a secure Bitcoin trading platform can make all the difference for crypto traders who are looking to step into the world of crypto for the first time. A reliable exchange can ensure safety, security, convenience and benefits for all crypto traders, experienced and inexperienced alike.

Therefore, it is essential to find a trading platform that is well-known and most importantly secure. The above-mentioned are some prominent factors every crypto trader should consider while looking for a platform to trade Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.


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